Are you thinking about renovating your home? Well! Authentic stained glass is the perfect choice to bring your imagination into reality. In the market, you will find tons of products that replicate the look of authentic stained glass today. But, these alternatives lack the lasting effect and true beauty that authentic stained glass renders to a home. At 5 Star Glass Design, you will access high-quality authentic stained glass at an affordable rate.

Being the leading designers and producers of creative decorative glass, we help you meet your demands. In our glass studio, all the glasses are handmade, and thus we can customize them to fit your specific requirements. In addition, our professional team is experienced and skilled in designing and installing authentic stained glass.

Reasons to choose our authentic stained glass

Usually, authentic stained glass is made by framing various coloured and textured glass pieces using lead to develop unique designs. Then, the pieces of lead are welded together to complete the entire design. We import the color glass from the USA and make sure all the materials used for this glass-making process are premium. As a result, we will render the best result.

In addition, we use traditional methods to develop beautiful glass for windows or doors. However, since every piece is custom, you will get what you wish for any space in your home. We genuinely customize your piece’s shape, style, and color without settling with the pre-made glass. So, you will get the most unique design that you have never witnessed anywhere.

Where to use it? Authentic stained glass can be used anywhere in your space, such as ceiling, door panels, windows, staircase, stair railing, dome skylight, etc. But, it works well when it is placed in direct sunlight. Whenever the sun’s rays pass through the piece of authentic stained glass, it creates a myriad of unique and changing patterns on the floor and walls. Thus, it will render a fantastic look to the surroundings.

We also specialized in authentic stained glass work.

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