5 Star Glass Design are one of the leading designers and producers of Creative Architectural Glass. All our glass is handmade in our 5-star glass studio and made to measure your specific requirements.

About the Technique

Fusion Style Glass is a type of stained glass that is created by melting or using different types of adhesives to fuse individual pieces of glass together. Unlike authentic and regular stained glass, fused glass has no need of lead to hold it together. Additionally, crystals can also be used in Fusion that makes the light that passes through it split into a rainbow. And the colors of the rainbow are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Rainbow represents a set of seven colors where each color signifies something. It is so appealing to the eyes to witness such a beautiful and remarkable

Glass fusing

In modern times fusing glass was rediscovered in the USA in the 1960s where developments led to compatible glass sheets being mass-produced enabling small stained glass studios to make artistic decorative fused glass.

Displayed are just a few techniques that can be employed within a design. At 5star Glass designer Studios we can produce pieces this can then be laminated to a toughened sheet of float glass for strength and safety. It can be coated with a durable varnish preventing shattering and conforms to Indian safety

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