There is no introduction required for glass in the world of interior design and architecture. Glass plays a vital role in changing the appearance of any space instantly. Unlike before, you will now have access to both plain and tuffen glass. It means you can choose the right glass suitable for your project.

Glass is usually perceived to be breakable and fragile. But, with the technological advancements, you will now get the tuffen glass that withstands high impacts and help to decorate your space without any worry about safety. It also ensures high strength and durability. So, it becomes a perfect fit for both residential and commercial buildings.

We suggest tuffen glass for balcony doors, shower doors, glass shelves, and displays. We use tuffen glass with frames made from various materials. Now, we provide both frame and frameless tuffen class doors and windows. Since it is available in different sizes, you can get whatever you want without compromise.

Our plain glass work is also up to the marks. Since the plain glass is transparent and colorless, you can use it in household windows, windscreens, and transparent walls. It renders a great look to the space. We do all sorts of glass works in different materials, and thus contact us anytime to meet your needs.

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