Do you look for stained glass that is innovative to decorate your space? If yes, you can give a try to the resin stained glass. The resin stained glass is a beautiful art medium, but it is pretty expensive compared to traditional stained glass. In addition, the specific color combination in the stained glass will make it more attractive and adversely enhance your space’s look.

When you contact us to design resin stained glass, our professional will provide a free consultation to know about the options. You can use our customization service to get the stained glass as per your needs.

About the technique

With the resin stained glass, the design is developed on a single sheet of the glass itself. Then, lead is rolled into the thin rods and stuck onto the plain/mirrored glass as per your preference. After that, color is poured to obtain the desired look. We also use special design elements to get an excellent look if you wish.

The resin stained glass is widely used for the windows because it gives any space a lovely appearance. The stained glass window is the window containing pieces of colored glass. The lead glazing bars are used to separate the glass in the windows. The transparency and opaque nature of the glass portray the scene or person beautifully.   Do you want to design a resin stained glass window for your home? You can contact us and discuss your needs immediately.

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